The participants in our program are important and provide refinements to existing teaching techniques with the tiles and identification of new uses for these tools. 

"This is my 14th year of teaching ESOL students and I do not believe it is a coincidence that in my first year of using WITS® all my students passed the writing component of the SOL’s. During my 2nd year of WITS® all but two students passed, both of which were very close to passing. For the one student who was profoundly hearing impaired, and never having been required to write, the results were impressive. The second student, having come to the U.S. in February, and nearly passing with native speaking peers in May is also impressive." - J.S., ESOL Teacher

"After using the WITS® program for the last two years, I am discovering even more ways to teach with the tiles." Reading Teacher

"Students commented that the tiles helped them remember how good writers think about all the possible details for a topic." - Elementary Teacher

"Please excuse my delay in thanking you for all the work you have done to bring such a fine product to the educational community. Your product is a tool, a tool. It would be useful for: entire classes of students in grades 3 and 4, students with limited English proficiency at all grade levels, students with expressive language problems and students with limited academic abilities. It is multisensory in that it does stimulate tactile and visual systems. Its value is that it provides a tool for sequencing ideas in expressive media - It would work for public speaking as well as for writing." - H. Hanlon, PhD Author of "Gender Differences in the Development of EEG Coherence in Normal Children" Published in Developmental Neuropsychology, 1999

"As an autism specialist and teacher if writing, I have found the WITS to be a fabulous resource for my students. The tangible and visual aspects of the blocks benefits the multi-sensory learning needs of exceptional students. The visual cues have helped my students remember what comes next and has built fluency into writing sentences and paragraphs. Deborah Hammer Autism Coordinator Arlington Public Schools

..I work with students in middle school who have a variety of learning disabilities. Through the writing tiles and lessons in this program, I have seen remarkable results from some students. Particularly with students who have difficulty elaborating and organizing information in a paragraph. I have completed the entire book with one student and have seen his writing come from a two-sentence paragraph with almost no detail, to a six paragraph essay that includes numerous details and is completely organized and coherent. Thank you for providing this resource for teachers. ...Gabrielle Miles


Thank you for giving our organization this wonderful opportunity to teach writing using a manipulative method. I am using the WITS tiles and program with individual students and with whole groups. Currently, I am working with teachers to implement the program into their classrooms. ... Recently, a middle school classroom teacher and I began team teaching the lessons.

The WITS tiles have had a positive effect on studentsʼ learning. We have done mostly paragraph writing up to this point. Teachers and I are working together to familiarize each other with the composition writing. The touching action combined with verbalizing the cues on the tiles is reinforcing for students. ...

We also like the pre-writing work that is found within the spiral notebook. In one lesson, students wrote a list of attributes for characters in Arnold Lobelʼs Frog and Toad series. This activity helped to frame their writing in so many ways. Before the activity, students didnʼt come up with anything to write about and after describing the characters (using WITS), they were able to construct a paragraph. The WITS program was helpful for teaching sentence structure and how to group sentences so that the writing piece “flows”.

The scripted language within the notebook is very helpful for teachers as they learn to use the program. More importantly, the students learn to understand the language and we have heard them begin to use it during writing time. You have created colorful and engaging information (in the teachers edition) to present new concepts to students. The visual representations are great and I think they help our students internalize new concepts. ... It is also helpful that you have included model narratives for the main themes, subordinate themes and genre writing...Thank you! We are using the graphic organizers too!

All the lessons weʼve used gave successful outcomes. Essentially, WITS is getting reluctant writers to write and improving the quality of studentʼs writing! This is a real breakthrough and we are very excited about continuing to use the program. We are eager to learn more about it and would greatly appreciate any complimentary lessons plans you could send me! Juliet Novak


Finally, researched based, classroom/student tested writing program that uses manipulatives, or WITS. Mission accomplished.

I am having good success with my “WHO”tile! Iʼm quite pleased with the paragraphs my students have generated. ESOL Teacher- Marilyn

As an author of a writing curriculum, I find “Writing Idea TileS” to be extremely beneficial to students. Writers, young authors, need tactile cues that will improve their writing skills. This is an excellent resource for students!            Melinda Michalu

"I like the WITS® system because it makes the process of writing, putting my thoughts down on paper, a very logical procedure. Instead of being overwhelmed about where to start, with this system I work through a basic formula and know exactly how to begin, how to transition and how to end. Once I get the basic structure down on paper, I can add and embellish my work to complete the process. The hands on process also helps my 14 year old son stay focused and moving towards the finished product." - C.H., Parent


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